Dec 2019 - Vers des prototypes textiles de µ-générateurs d'énergie par effet piezoelectrique ?

Building on the successful film-based piezo-PLA/electrode prototypes developed by project partners IMT Lille Douai and Armines, Centexbel united the expertise of its different research teams to develop a functioning textile prototype. The sample is now being evaluated by one of the project partners regarding its piezo-electric and energy harvesting performances. We’ll keep you informed!

The PLA yarn was extruded in Kortrijk by the “Functional Thermoplastic Textiles” team and then woven by the “Health, Safety and Security” team in Grâce-Hollogne. Finally, the “Textile Functionalisation and Surface Modification” team located in Gent applied a conductive coating to the woven structure.

1 déc. 2019