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Matériaux tout-en-un

Voici une sélection de 100 idées qui ont été générées au cours de la session de remue-méninges organisée avec les différents chercheurs des projets Biocompal, Bioharv, Duratex, Alpo Elasto-Plast, Luminoptex et Texacov (la liste est en anglais). Les 4 idées qui sont soulignées sont sélectionnées par l'équipe de GoToS3 pour concrétiser de nouveaux projets d'innovation.

Retrouvez la synthèse et les réflexions de l'atelier en revenant sur l'article ici.


Light switch made to turn on/off the light through deformation


Drawing tool that can change its line thickness through shape memory


Clothes that alert in case of trouble by emitting light and automatically call emergy through wifi antennes


Clothes that can manage the heat: produce heat / cold on demand, transfer heat from warm to cold body parts, change insulation by using shape-memory textile that expands / shrink in function of the temperature


Antimicrobial and heat producing socks that prevent foot infections


Light-weight batteries with long life time, made from thermoplastics with integrated piezometric components and electrodes


Flame resistant and light-weight casing for e.g. car batteries


Packaging that changes color or becomes transparent when food / feed is not OK for consumption


Furniture tailor-made for elderly people to conduct heat


Furniture with shape memory that can stabilize the posture of elder or disabled persons


Greenhouse that can control indoor temperature: adjusting the incoming sunlight, storing energy (heat/light) during day, produce energy and convert to heat during frost

12.Greenhouse with self-cleaning and water repellent surface based on microscale roughness, lotus effect and superhydrophobicity

Paint for hospital rooms with antimicrobial and self-cleaning characteristics


Biodegradable napkins / towels with antimicrobial activity for use in horeca


Toys that are flexible and scratchfree


Working clothes for farmers that have self-cleaning, air-cleaning and antimicrobial properties, to be used for nursing and feeding animals


Clothes for sports or medical purpose that act as a 2nd synthetic skin and protects the body against impacts / shocks (prevent injuries)


Sport clothing that produces and stores energy in order to illuminate the clothes when its dark


Scratch-free coating for cars that also protect the metal against corrosion


Car interior that is self-cleaning and cleans the inside air by reducing particle matter concentration


Tubes for water distribution systems, made of transparant thermoplastics, that are self-cleaning and secure clean water


Weed control fabric that converts light into electric pulses that repell insects

23.Working clothes that are hydrophobic, isolating and produce energy when working or by light