Workshop X-innovation: "How to clean the air with surfaces of the interior we live in?"

Do you believe that creating a dialogue with experts from other disciplines is an original and motivating way to find opportunities for new products, services, business models …?

Whether you’re a company, researcher or designer, take part of this half-day experience to:
• Discover new technologies, markets and products in the field of depollution, smart textiles and functional materials
• Learn about the scientific or technical challenges to develop interior surfaces that can protect human health
• Develop a prototype of a future-oriented product in an interdisciplinary team

The workshop is the place to start new innovation projects in the short or middle term. The GoToS3-team will further support the team to develop the project and search for funding.

14 jun. 2018

The number of participants is limited to 10 persons.

Subscription will be closed the 1st of June

For any questions you can contact the responsible in your region.


Praktische info

Industrial Design Center

Marksesteenweg 58

8500 Kortrijk

14 jun. 2018
14h - 17h30